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 Kanazawa University traces its origins back to Hikoso Shuto-jo, the Kaga Hikoso Vaccination Center, founded in 1862, more than 160 years ago. This makes Kanazawa University the third-oldest of those national universities with an official year of founding.

 Kanazawa University Museum was established in 1989 when Kanazawa University was relocated from the Kanazawa Castle site to the present Kakuma Campus. Our mission is to collect, organize, preserve, research, and exhibit items. The museum stores around 88,000 materials, specimens and archives that serve as academic resources for not only Kanazawa University but also its predecessors such as the Fourth Higher School. Our purpose is to contribute to the education, research, social services, and promotion activities of Kanazawa University. With the museum designated as a Museum-Equivalent Establishment by MEXT in 2016, our mission is growing increasingly significant.

Our Activity

 Kanazawa University Museum collects, organizes, preserves, researches, and exhibits items; we provide information about our materials and archives; we also respond to inquiries regarding our collection and requests for references.

 The museum plays an important role for the university archives. We select valuable archives on the history of the university from a wealth of official documents.  Kanazawa University Museum’s Virtual Museum Project, which started in 2009, was a significant attempt to create a new style of digital archive.We will open Kanazawa University Digital Archive(KUDA) in 2024,and update countents.


Our Collection

 The museum stores over 77,000 items, including paleography and 11,000 historical documents.

 Our collection includes valuable items such as physical laboratory apparatus formerly used in the Fourth Higher School, plaques from the Kaga domain schools (Meirindo and Keibukan), and archives from predecessors of Kanazawa University.

 The collections are carefully stored in repositories, and some of them are occasionally exhibited in the exhibition room. The list of items on public display is available on our website. In addition to this, the Virtual Museum Project on the web provides high-resolution images with detailed academic data.


Cultural History Materials

Plaques from the Kaga domain schools(1792) ※Designated cultural properties by Kanazawa city


◀Plaque of Meirindo

Plaque of Keibukan▶


◀Classical psychology experimental apparatus
Archives Related to the University History

Student’s Album from

Kanazawa Higher Technical College▶

Natural History Materials

◀Human anatomy drewings from

the Faculty of Medicine

Terracotta Model

of evolutionary history of life▶

◀Moulage Model of Fungi
History of Science and Technology Materials

◀Bridge model from

Kanazawa Higher Technical College

Physical experimental apparatus from

the Fourth Higher School▶


Service Information


 Ordinarily, the permanent exhibition, two planned or special exhibitions, and an exhibition planned by student studying for a curator’s qualification are held in the exhibition room.

 In addition, two outreach exhibitions planned for the alumni association, for citizens and tourists in Kanazawa, are great opportunities to make people aware of our activity.


Inspection and Reference Service

 Archives are made available for inspection and for a reference service to students, teachers, and those outside academia.


Public Relations

 The museum issues newsletters twice a year. We use the museum’s website and the Virtual Museum Project to present our collection worldwide.


 Supporting Research Activities

 The museum issues a bulletin once a year to publicize its research activities. The bulletin is put up on “KURA” (Kanazawa University Repository for Academic Resources), in the Kanazawa University Library website.

 We also have exhibits on the latest in research currently carried out at Kanazawa University.


 Contribution to the Local Community and Regional Cooperation

 The museum lends items in its collection to other universities or museums. We occasionally organize joint exhibitions with other cultural institutions or special lectures.


Kanzawa University Museum

Founding year:1989

Total floor area:833m2

(Exhibition Room:301m2   Basement Storage Room:180m2   First-floor Storage Room:186m2   Exhibition Preparation Room/Warehouse:166m2)


Access to the Museum

Hokutetsu Bus No.91/93/94/96/97/98/99

Five minutes walk from Kanazawa Daigaku Chuo bus stop.

Takes about forty minutes from JR Kanazawa Station Kenroku-en Exit.

Directions-Kanazawa University


Admission Free

Opening hours

Weekdays 10:00-16:00

Closed on Saturdays,Sundays,national holidays,and the library’s closed days.

There will be exceptions to this schedule because of events at the University.

*Exhibition Room is at the second floor reading room of Central Library.

*Please ask the library counter staff, if you need to contact us.


Kanazawa University Museum

Kakuma-machi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, 920-1192, Japan